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  • From a legal perspective, the protection of intellectual property is the challenge of the digital age.
  • However, one's own reputation or the value of a brand in the public eye is also strongly determined by digital media today.
  • The Internet has long since ceased to be a "legal vacuum". Commercial players in particular need to know exactly what they can and cannot do.
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Who needs a lawyer / attorney for media law?

In the past, only the press, radio and authors of books were really affected by media law. Internet 2.0 has fundamentally changed this. Today, almost everyone publishes on social media or even on their own sites - whether for free or for a fee. From this point of view, all publicists are now covered by media law, even if most of them will practically never be affected by it. Commercial bloggers, influencers and providers, on the other hand, often generate the income for their livelihood in this way and must therefore be sure that this remains the case. As soon as these publishing activities are to serve as an integral part or even the basis of your own income, you should also urgently consider a media lawyer. The media lawyer proactively protects you from potential problems in the context of your own work, but can also provide effective help if your own work results are used illegally by third parties. Equally important for commercial activities in the media are the imprint obligation and general media expertise. Here too, a lawyer specialising in media law can provide security and clarity.

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What is media law?

Media law deals with the requirements and regulations of private and public communication - in legal terms, it therefore encompasses areas of civil law, criminal law and public law. In practice, a distinction is usually made in media law between the content-specific areas (e.g. copyright law) and the transmission-specific aspects - for example, the emergence of new means of communication such as the Internet at the time.

Traditionally, media lawyers have primarily dealt with the media of film, television, radio and the press. Nowadays, of course, the Internet and multimedia in general are the areas of this field of law most frequently concerned in practice.


This close connection between media law and internet law is of course no coincidence, as content and technology always influence each other in today's world. With technological progress, there are always new possibilities for the distribution of content and thus also the associated legal issues. Enforcing the author's rights has therefore become a very complex process that goes far beyond mere contracts.

Reputation management with legal support can also be seen as an important part of media law today, as a large part of brand and image building has shifted to the Internet. As a law firm, we can help you protect your good reputation both online and offline.


The tasks of a media lawyer can be diverse and depend on the specific needs of their clients. Here are some of the tasks that a media lawyer typically undertakes:

  • Advice: a media lawyer advises media companies, publishers, journalists, authors and other individuals or organisations involved in the media industry. Advice may focus on legal issues relating to freedom of expression, freedom of the press, data protection, copyright, trade mark law and other media law matters.
  • Drafting contracts: Media lawyers can draft and negotiate contracts for authors, journalists, actors, musicians and other artists or media professionals. This may include drafting author contracts, licensing agreements or contracts for appearances in film and television.
  • Litigation: When litigation arises in connection with media content or activities, media lawyers represent their clients in court. This may include claims for defamation, copyright infringement, trade mark infringement or other media-related offences.
  • Intellectual property protection: Media lawyers can help their clients protect and enforce intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights and patents.
  • Compliance: The media industry is subject to various laws and regulations, which can vary from country to country and region to region. A media lawyer helps clients to comply with the relevant laws and regulations to avoid legal problems.
  • Data protection: Given the growing concerns about data protection, the protection of personal data plays an important role in the media industry. Media lawyers advise their clients on data protection regulations and guidelines and help them to comply with the relevant laws.
  • Crisis communication: When a media organisation or a public figure is in crisis, a media lawyer can help with crisis communication and legal management of the situation.


Media law encompasses many different areas. Basically, the media law lawyer (media lawyer) is concerned on the one hand with the defence against unjustified claims in the context of media law or, on the other hand, with the enforcement of the client's interests in the context of media work. Here again, a distinction must be made between general legal requirements (competition law, protection of minors, ...) and personal rights (copyright, ...). Typical areas of responsibility for the media lawyer (media law lawyer) include

  • Infringements of competition
  • Revocation and counterstatements, injunctions
  • Claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering
  • Co-operation agreements and agency agreements
  • Diversity of opinion
  • Protection of minors
  • Data protection
  • Licence agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Author contracts
  • Photo, film and image rights
  • Film law
  • Internet law
  • Telecommunications law
  • Publishing law
  • Reputation law, reputation management
  • Domain law
  • Multimedia law
  • Copyright protection, protection of intellectual property
  • Creation and auditing of Non-disclosure agreements NDAs


Of course, we can also help you reliably and safely with all other media law issues:

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