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  • In times of low interest rates, real estate is the best investment for your assets or as a retirement provision
  • German real estate law, and tenancy law in particular, is extremely complex and often not particularly investor-friendly. Without a lawyer, problems can quickly arise.
  • Real estate law has many overlaps with other areas of law (inheritance law, contract law, tax law, family law, etc.), which makes it difficult in practice to be prepared for all eventualities.
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As an experienced lawyer for real estate law in Munich, I can help you comprehensively with all questions and problems relating to private or commercial real estate. Whether buying, selling or letting, with individual contracts you can rely on security and long-term profitable transactions. Of course, we also take on issues relating to neighbor law as a mediator or legal advisor.

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Low interest rates are here and will probably be with us for some time. For traditional German savers in particular, this turnaround means they have to rethink if they want to invest their hard-earned money well in the long term. Apart from the stock market, the only other option today is the real estate market. Accordingly, prices have already exploded in recent years - especially in Munich and the surrounding area. Anyone investing in real estate today or wishing to expand their existing investments must therefore act with caution, as the extent to which prices can and will continue to rise is completely open. For this reason, at least the legal basis for all real estate transactions must be correct in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Many other legal areas come together in real estate law. The purchase or sale of real estate requires good contract drafting and questions of liability and warranty for defects must also be taken into account. Anyone who lets or leases commercial real estate has to deal with the full force of tax law. German tenancy law is notorious for its strong tenant protection and divorce or inheritance are no longer simple legal cases and can have a serious impact on your own assets.

Even for a lawyer it is not easy to always have a complete overview due to these many overlaps, but without legal advice you are very quickly at a loss here.


Even though private real estate ownership in Germany is still lagging far behind other countries, there has been some movement here in recent years. On the one hand, this is due to the large wave of property inheritances - the successful post-war generation is now passing on the wealth it has created to future generations on a large scale. On the other hand, the zero interest rate is also ensuring that more and more people in Germany see real estate as one of the most important forms of investment - also for retirement provision. The number of possible transactions is increasing every year. Buying, selling, renting, leasing, inheritance, division, etc. - all areas that should be handled by an experienced real estate lawyer in order to prevent problems at an early stage.

Purchase of real estate, purchase of land

Drafting suitable contracts in real estate law is the basis for minimizing problems with liability and defects. Today, real estate has become an extremely expensive commodity - you have to be correspondingly careful when buying.

Sale of real estate, sale of land

When selling real estate, it is also important to consider liability issues from the outset and minimize the risks. This applies in particular, of course, to the commercial sector.

Legal treatment of real estate in the event of a marriage contract and divorce

In today's world, real estate law does not usually affect you alone. Spouses and families must always be taken into account.

Real estate and inheritance law

Due to its ever-increasing value, real estate today has a massive impact on inheritance law and tax law. "Grandma's little house" hardly exists any more and when passing on commercial real estate, you quickly face major financial challenges.

Letting and leasing real estate

For many people today, real estate is primarily a form of investment. Renting it out until you move in yourself in old age is the simple, but often naïve, calculation. A lawyer can help you avoid pitfalls and make the investment really worthwhile by providing legal advice on tenancy law. So that letting and leasing real estate pays off as planned.

Inspecting the land register

A lawyer is the best person to help you with legitimate reasons for inspecting land register entries (heir, tenant, creditor, etc.).

Real estate financing

Whether private or commercial - it is rare these days to have enough equity to finance a real estate transaction on your own. A lawyer can always help to ensure that financing does not become a problem. In this way, real estate financing does not become an incalculable risk.

Real estate valuation

Especially now with the "reform" of property and inheritance taxes, it can be assumed that there will be more conflicts in property valuation. The value of real estate will have much more serious financial consequences for heirs in the future. The foreseeable legal disputes with authorities or co-heirs will then practically always require the assistance of an expert real estate lawyer to ensure correct property valuations.

Real estate law

Of course, we also advise and represent commercial real estate agents and real estate brokers in all legal matters relating to real estate law.


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