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  • Put simply, commercial law comprises special rights for merchants.
  • The scope of commercial law and its frequent expansion makes it a very exciting area of law.
  • The focus is of course on the enforcement or defence of claims, the drafting of commercially sensible documents and contracts, but also competition law aspects.
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We advise and represent medium-sized companies in particular, but also sole traders in all areas of commercial law.

Commercial law is a special law of the merchant. Essentially, the provisions of commercial law concern the legal relationships of the merchant with his business partners as well as the relationships with other entrepreneurs under competition and company law.

As a lawyer specialising in commercial law in Munich, we can of course also provide you with expert assistance on all other topics:

Defence against claims, enforcement of claims, compensation claims, service contracts, e-commerce, claims (enforcement and defence), non-disclosure agreements, commercial agency law, know-how protection, NDA (non-disclosure agreement), product liability law, commissions, damage law, copyrights, contract drafting, contracts for work and services, non-competition clauses (enforcement and defence).

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Commercial law forms the legal framework for commercial activities and economic transactions. It comprises a large number of regulations that relate to the actions of companies, traders and merchants. These laws and regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but their main objective remains constant: to promote trade and ensure fair and transparent business practices.

The roots of commercial law reach far back into the history of human civilisation. Even in ancient societies such as the Roman Empire, there were rules and laws governing trade. In the Middle Ages, trading centres such as Venice and Florence developed in Europe and established their own trading laws and customs.

Over time, commercial law became increasingly complex, especially with the advent of modern trade and globalisation. Today, commercial law is based on a mixture of national laws, international agreements and commercial practices.

Commercial law plays a crucial role in the functioning of economic systems worldwide. It creates legal certainty and trust for companies and consumers by setting clear rules and standards for business activities. Without functioning commercial law, it would be difficult to conclude contracts, make investments or conduct commercial transactions.


Commercial law regulates a variety of topics in connection with business activities. These include, among others:

  • Contracts: Regulations on contracts and their legal implications form an important part of commercial law. This includes, for example, sales contracts, supply contracts, service contracts and more.
  • Commercial companies: Commercial law sets out the rules for the formation, organisation and dissolution of commercial companies. This includes sole proprietorships, partnerships (such as the GbR) and corporations (such as the GmbH or the AG).
  • Commercial register entry: In many countries, companies must be entered in the commercial register. Commercial law regulates the requirements for this registration as well as the disclosure obligations of registered companies.
  • Commercial transactions: Commercial law also contains provisions on various types of commercial transactions, such as purchase, freight, forwarding, commission and much more.
  • Competition law: Regulations on competition and protection against unfair competition also fall within the scope of commercial law. This is intended to ensure fair competition and the protection of consumers and companies.
  • International trade agreements: With globalisation, international trade agreements and treaties have also become increasingly important. Commercial law therefore also includes regulations on cross-border trade transactions.


  • Litigation to enforce or defend against claims (e.g. purchase price or wages claims, warranty, preservation of evidence)
  • Drafting contracts and general terms and conditions (GTCs)
  • Ongoing review and updating of general terms and conditions in accordance with the requirements of legislation and case law
  • Law of commercial agents
  • Licence law and licence agreements
  • Establishment, amendment and execution of contracts, performance disruptions in the commercial agency relationship, commissions, compensation claims and non-competition clauses
  • Litigation to enforce or defend against claims arising from the commercial agency relationship

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