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  • German tenancy law is extremely "tenant-friendly". Nevertheless, you can often only enforce your rights with the support of a lawyer.
  • For landlords, this means that they must take the utmost care when drafting their tenancy agreements.
  • Tenancy law quickly becomes very complex due to its many intersections with other areas of law (inheritance law, contract law, tax law, family law, etc.). A lawyer must therefore be universally experienced.
  • An initial legal consultation in tenancy law can already clarify many problems, as specific cases can usually be traced back to already known legal situations.
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Tenancy law deals with the fair balancing of the interests of tenants and landlords. This legal relationship in tenancy law between the tenants is primarily based on the tenancy agreement. In everyday life, the tenancy of flats and properties is probably the most common, but of course cars or any other objects can also be rented out. They are all subject to the provisions of tenancy law. On this page, we will limit ourselves to the usual consideration of tenancy law in the context of flats and property.

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Problems with the tenancy agreement usually arise for tenants when the landlord wants to enforce certain changes, be it that he wants to increase the rent, wants to transfer certain services to the tenant or wants a completely different use, i.e. gives notice of termination. In principle, tenants are very well protected in Germany. This applies not only to arbitrariness on the part of the landlord, but also in particular to what may and may not be included in tenancy agreements. The duties and responsibilities of landlords are also much more clearly defined than the corresponding duties of landlords. As a result, the tenant generally has clear advantages in the event of disputes, provided that they have not committed any major misdemeanours or breaches of contract themselves. A clear tendency in favour of the tenant can be seen in court decisions in tenancy law, particularly when it comes to the assertion of rent reductions or landlord default.

The situation can be somewhat different when it comes to "personal use". As a tenant, you have a good chance of dragging out the process, but in the end, personal use has a very strong position in the termination of tenancies. Proving abuse by landlords is difficult and time-consuming in practice.

Other areas of tenancy law

Tenancy law is a very complex topic for a lawyer. Even though there are already countless court decisions, the individual cases always differ in detail. An initial consultation with a tenancy lawyer serves to analyse your specific case in detail and take appropriate measures. We are there for you, also on the following topics:

  • Legal representation of tenants and landlords (in and out of court)
  • Examination or drafting of rental agreements
  • Assertion or rejection of rent reductions
  • Carrying out eviction actions or payment actions
  • Carrying out foreclosures
  • Rent reduction
  • Examination of utility bills (heating costs / operating costs)
  • Legal advice on rent deposits
  • Cancellation of rental agreements (e.g. default of payment, breach of contract, termination for personal use, etc.)
  • Problems with instalment payments

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