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  • Founding and restructuring are risky from a legal point of view because entrepreneurs generally have no specialised legal knowledge.
  • But even established entrepreneurs need legal support if they want to grow.
  • The many points of contact with other areas of law (labour law, commercial law, etc.) make company law so interesting.
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Are you looking for an experienced lawyer for corporate law in Munich? Our range of activities also includes corporate law and foundation law in particular. We support companies and foundations during the formation phase and also later in their day-to-day work. Our advice and representation in company law and foundation law includes various specialisations for partnerships, corporations, associations and mixed forms of partnerships and corporations. We help with the choice of the appropriate company form and provide expert advice on all options for limiting liability.

A successful start-up phase accompanied by a lawyer specialising in corporate law often lays the foundation for a long-term, trusting partnership. The law firm Schreiber Munich provides you with competent and professional support in all aspects of company law and corporate law.

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Especially in the start-up phase of companies and organisations, every euro often has to be turned over twice. As a result, it is not uncommon to skimp on the drafting and formulation of articles of association and contracts. People use ready-made templates from the Internet or trust the notary alone to take into account all the eventualities that apply to them. In contrast, we strongly recommend involving an experienced corporate lawyer from the outset to put your company on a firm footing and create clarity between shareholders and partners right from the start. The euphoria of the start-up phase can quickly fade and without clear legal regulations, disputes are often pre-programmed.
We draw up secure and customised contracts for you within the framework of company law. We advise you in detail on the advantages and disadvantages of certain company forms and guide you through the difficult first few years in all legal matters.

It goes without saying that large and already successful companies have an even greater need for suitable advice. After all, nothing jeopardises entrepreneurial success as quickly as legal problems. We support our clients in corporate law, particularly in stock corporation law, limited liability company law and all associated capital measures.


Setting up a company is certainly the most exciting and also the most important aspect of company law. As part of our legal advice on company formation, everything always starts with a detailed consultation. Based on the purpose of the company and the existing business plan, we look for the most suitable legal form for the new company. The articles of association based on this are customised to the company's specific needs in the best possible way. The corporate lawyer will then assist you with the necessary entries in the commercial register and notary appointments. The officially required measures usually end with the tax and business registration and the next sensible steps are discussed with the lawyer in a detailed final consultation - such as the drafting of general terms and conditions, employment contracts, purchase agreements and other documents necessary for entrepreneurial activity.

A successful start-up phase accompanied by a lawyer specialising in corporate law often lays the foundation for a long-term, trusting partnership.


  • Choice of suitable company form (GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, UG, AG, KG, EWIV, OHG, PartG, foreign company forms, foundation, co-operative, association)
  • Options for limiting liability
  • Advice on setting up a foundation
  • Drafting the articles of association of a foundation
  • Advice on setting up a GmbH
  • Shareholder agreements, co-operation agreements, joint venture agreements, supply agreements and manufacturing agreements
  • Advice on setting up a business
  • Advice on setting up a company
  • Drafting of articles of association and accompanying contracts
  • Conversions (demergers, mergers, change of legal form), share transfers
  • Acquisition and sale of companies
  • Introduction and monitoring of compliance
  • Franchise, franchising
  • Business succession planning and support for generational changes
  • Advice to executive bodies and contracts with executive bodies (board of directors, management, advisory board, etc.)
  • Support in the preparation and organisation of general meetings and shareholders' meetings as well as meetings of other bodies (supervisory boards, advisory boards, etc.)
  • Advice and representation in cases of managing director liability, management board liability and supervisory board liability
  • Advising companies in crisis
  • Financing measures
  • General advice on corporate law
  • Advice on non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

Frequently asked questions on the topic of corporate law

In Germany, the following legal forms can be chosen for companies: Sole proprietorship:
GbR (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts), e.K. (eingetragener Kaufmann), OHG (Offene Handelsgesellschaft), KG (Kommanditgesellschaft), GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), UG (Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)), AG (Aktiengesellschaft), GmbH & Co. KG.

There is no such thing as the optimal legal form. For certain points in time, a certain legal form can bring advantages - but it can also have disadvantages. The consequences of the legal form for issues such as taxes, duties, liability or creditworthiness must be weighed up in each case. A lawyer can advise you accordingly.

The shareholders' agreement regulates the individual rights and obligations between the shareholders. The notary fees for a partnership agreement depend on the amount of the share capital.

A GmbH requires a share capital of €25,000. In addition, there are costs for the notary (articles of association, monitoring the payment of the share capital,...usually a good €1,000) and entry in the commercial register (€150).

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