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The step into a life as a self-employed person is often accompanied by euphoria and a spirit of optimism. You want to realise your ideas quickly, produce quickly, make sales quickly and earn money. Of course, formalities often get in the way and you also want to keep expenses low, especially in the early days. This is a mistake that many self-employed people make later on.

However, especially during the start-up phase and in the first few months, comprehensive legal advice for the self-employed is urgently needed. An experienced lawyer not only helps the self-employed to choose suitable company forms, but also to draw up legally compliant contracts and business documents. The many rights and obligations arising from self-employment or freelance work are almost impossible for the layman to keep track of these days. Problems therefore quickly arise that could have been avoided with introductory legal advice.

The coronavirus crisis has brought this very clearly to light: You have to be present online today if you want to continue your business even in difficult times. However, most people are of course entering uncharted territory in two ways: online marketing and the resulting legal issues. Many self-employed people do not have an overview of these two major topics themselves and are therefore dependent on external help. As an experienced lawyer for the self-employed, company law and internet law, I can also actively support you here.

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As an experienced lawyer in corporate law and labour law, I can offer you as a self-employed person comprehensive, expert legal advice that takes into account all aspects of business law, labour law, contract law, competition law and commercial law. Even before you become self-employed, I will work with you to set the course for a successful future and accompany you through all phases of your company's further development.

In particular, I also help clients to protect themselves against "bogus self-employment" and, of course, I represent your interests against defaulting customers, partners and clients.


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Lawyer for the self-employed

Self-employed people need to be able to concentrate on their business even more than other entrepreneurs in order to be successful. Self-employed people therefore usually know exactly where they prefer to trust a specialist and what they prefer to handle themselves. A lawyer for the self-employed is therefore particularly important as a person of trust. They should specifically protect the self-employed person from legal problems and, in the best case, also proactively recognise problems.

  • Legal advice on setting up a company and the type of company
  • Legal advice for founders
  • Preparation of general terms and conditions
  • Legally compliant contracts (employment contract, rental contract, purchase contract, lease contract, leasing contract, etc.)
  • Dunning procedures
  • Tax law
  • Protection against warnings
  • Legal advice on your online activities (domain law, ....)
  • Advice on copyright and licence law
  • ...


As experience has shown, sooner or later this is certain to happen. In today's complex business world, hardly anyone is "lucky" enough to be spared legal problems in the course of their business activities. For this reason, start-ups in particular should consider seeking legal advice at an early stage. Legally compliant contracts, customised general terms and conditions and the legal protection of brands, products and services will save you trouble and problems in the future.

The lawyer helps you exactly where you need help - so that you can concentrate on your business. Whether it's secure purchase agreements, employment contracts or rental agreements, having everything customised and legally checked will keep your back free. A lawyer is also an experienced contact for all questions relating to copyright law or liability issues. All too often, the step into self-employment unfortunately ends in mistakes in these areas. Protect your intellectual property and prevent problems caused by insufficient liability.

The business plan generally has 2 functions. In its official function, it serves to create confidence in the planned company among banks, authorities or partners, for example in order to obtain loans or subsidies. However, a business plan should also always serve as a realistic assessment for yourself. It is often only in the formal and structured form that you recognise errors or contradictions that you were not previously aware of. On the one hand, a lawyer can serve as an independent authority who can point out logical errors and problems that you may not recognise in your own enthusiasm. On the other hand, the lawyer can of course also work out all the legally necessary tasks and provide expert help where decisions are required (legal form, liability protection, etc.).

Self-employed persons are those who are not in a traditional employment relationship but work on their own account. This means that all freelancers are also self-employed, although a few different rules apply. For example, membership of a chamber of commerce is voluntary for them and not compulsory. They also do not have to pay trade tax and are not required to keep accounts. However, freelance activities require an artistic, scientific or teaching capacity. Otherwise, they are not recognised as such. It should be noted that a freelancer should not be equated with the English term freelancer. A tax consultant or lawyer can help you decide whether your self-employment can also be carried out as a freelancer or whether it would make more sense to register a business.

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