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  • Who hasn't had trouble with their insurance company? Problems with claims settlement, delayed payouts or lengthy delays are quite typical in insurance law disputes.
  • Insurance companies rely on staying power when it comes to tackling legal disputes. Only really clear questions can be clarified quickly and easily.
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The problem in insurance law

Insurance law deals with the legal provisions of social insurance and private insurance. In the event of a dispute, you as the policyholder often have to expect lengthy disputes with the insurance company. This is not only due to the very high amounts in dispute today. It is of course also due to the many hidden clauses in insurance contracts.

Insurance litigation is usually lengthy and psychologically stressful for the claimant. It is often a matter of settling claims that have already been paid or are pending. A speedy or out-of-court settlement can therefore often be a preferable option for both parties. A lawyer with expertise in insurance law can conduct negotiations in a targeted manner. This makes satisfactory results more likely for you.

As a lawyer specialising in insurance law, you are aware of the major problems involved. There are usually whole armies of lawyers working for insurance companies. They not only deal with legal advice and protection for the company, but also specialise in defending claims. As these lawyers are permanently employed anyway, there is little reason for insurance companies to deal with incoming claims quickly and easily. In practice, this almost always leads to a legal dispute.

Just as you won't get far without a lawyer specialising in insurance law, you shouldn't expect quick results here either. If you are under time pressure, you can usually only hope for quick settlements, which are then usually below your own expectations.

Trouble with the insurance company - typical problems in insurance law

Insurance law

Delay in performance and termination of the contract or breach of obligations

The popular "delaying tactic" is the favourite "game" of insurance companies, which almost everyone has certainly experienced at some point. The full-bodied advertising promises on television, quick and uncomplicated claims settlement, rarely correspond to everyday bureaucratic practice. This is understandable - premiums are income, claims settlements are expenses that affect the company's results. Especially when it comes to high claims, attempts are made to stall the insured through delayed processes. The same naturally also applies to contract cancellations. Equally popular are breaches of obligations, with which attempts are made to attribute partial blame to the insured party and thus reduce or even completely avoid claims. Anyone involved in insurance law disputes with large corporations needs staying power and strong nerves.

Some highlighted areas in insurance law

Occupational disability insurance

Financial security is particularly important to many people today, especially the self-employed and entrepreneurs. Once you have achieved prosperity and a good lifestyle, you don't want to give it up. Occupational disability insurance is correspondingly popular today. However, the pitfalls lie in the details. There are many exceptions and due to the very high fraud rate in this area, insurers have also introduced correspondingly strict rules and controls. As disability insurance usually involves very large sums of money, you should not do without an insurance lawyer.

Health insurance (private and statutory)

The population is getting older, living longer and therefore accumulating more frailties. Health insurance expenditure can only go in one direction - upwards. Higher contributions and fewer benefits are the logical consequence. As a result, legal disputes with health insurance companies over costs to be reimbursed or contributions to be paid are becoming increasingly frequent. The problem that many privately insured persons are no longer able to cope with the exploding premiums in times of crisis is also increasingly keeping insurance law lawyers and law firms busy.

Household contents insurance

The classic among private insurance policies. A good 27 million policies were reportedly taken out in Germany alone in 2019 and everyone relies on the insurance company to pay out in the event of a claim. However, this is often not the case. Many small pitfalls await in the extensive contracts - storm damage requires a certain storm strength, was damage negligently accepted or is it natural hazard damage that would have required additional insurance? Here, too, it is often not possible to get your rights without specialist legal advice.

As an insurance law lawyer in Munich, we help in particular with

  • Private liability insurance
  • Occupational disability insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Household contents insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance (private, statutory)
  • Private accident insurance

Other insurances

Of course, we also help with all other types of insurance and insurance contract law:
Residual debt insurance (for consumer loan agreements), business liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, residential building insurance, burglary insurance, business interruption insurance, operating cost insurance, technical insurance, art insurance, film insurance, product liability insurance, natural hazards insurance (storm damage, hail damage, fire and water), professional liability insurance (e.g. doctors, dentists, brokers, architects, insurance brokers, tax consultants, auditors, transport insurance, haulage insurance, residual debt insurance, instalment payment protection insurance, daily sickness allowance insurance, business insurance. e.g. doctors, dentists, brokers, architects, insurance brokers, tax consultants, auditors), transport insurance, haulage insurance, credit residual debt insurance, payment protection insurance, daily sickness allowance insurance, company accident insurance, life insurance, capital insurance, pension insurance, D&O insurance (manager insurance),...

Frequently asked questions on the topic of insurance law

Insurance law deals with the legal provisions of social insurance and private insurance. In practice, legal disputes practically always involve the enforcement or rejection of contractually agreed benefits in the event of an insured event.

Private individuals are mostly concerned with property insurance law (household contents, vehicle, building, luggage, fire, burglary insurance, etc.) and, of course, personal insurance such as liability, accident or life insurance.

Insurance policies of all kinds are very complex products and the most complicated mathematical calculations are behind the premiums and benefits offered. The contract documents and terms and conditions developed by insurers are correspondingly complex and complicated. This is often almost impossible for a layperson to understand. What you can and must always check personally are the key figures such as the start and duration of insurance and the sums insured. The frequently used questionnaires must always be answered truthfully, as incorrect information can cost you insurance cover.

Incorrect information can lead to the insurer cancelling the contract and not having to pay benefits in the event of a claim. However, there are different gradations regarding the consequences of "negligence" or "errors" in the information provided. A lawyer can help here.

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