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  • For the majority of the population, their own job is the basis of their personal life planning. Your own life plan often stands and falls with your job.
  • Under German labour law, employees have strong rights. Dismissal, for example, is rarely the last word and even if it cannot be averted, it does not directly mean a descent into financial problems.
  • Far too often, little attention is paid to the employment contract. Yet it is the most important document in the event of a dispute with the employer. It is therefore advisable to check the employment contract before signing it and have it amended if necessary.
Legal advice labour law Munich

One focus of our work, which is becoming increasingly important in the current economic situation, is our work as lawyers for labour law. In providing legal advice on labour law, we represent the interests of both employees and employers. In particular, we advise managing directors, senior executives and companies in general on all aspects of labour law, from employment contracts to severance payments and social compensation plans.

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Labour law / Employment law in Germany

Labour law in Germany today is more complex than ever. This is in the nature of things, as we have repeatedly had political changes between pro-employee and pro-employer governments in Germany. However, all governments have largely failed to deliver the simplifications to labour law that were often promised. As a lawyer, I still deal primarily with the issues of dismissal and protection against dismissal in labour law. But unfortunately, bullying and discrimination are now also well represented here. What is new, however, are the issues surrounding data protection and social media, which have strong links to labour law.

Generally speaking and compared to many other countries, labour law in Germany is still very "employee-friendly". For employees, this means that they are still very strongly protected from being dismissed quickly or from quickly falling into economic problems as a result of losing their job. On the other hand, of course, entrepreneurs and companies "pay" for this social security with less economic flexibility. Strict labour laws and the resulting need for foresight have made the German economy strong, but also susceptible to rapidly changing conditions. It is therefore particularly important for entrepreneurs to fully utilise the legal freedom that is still available to them today. Without a specialised lawyer for labour law, however, this is hardly possible today.

What are typical areas of legal advice for a labour law attorney?

As already mentioned in the introduction, the topics of dismissal, dismissal protection proceedings and dismissal protection law dominate the work of lawyers in labour law and are also one of the main reasons for the large number of lawyers in this area of law. When it comes to dismissal, however, it is almost always also about severance pay and severance negotiations. For both employees and employers, such legal disputes at the end of an employment relationship are best avoided when drafting the employment contract (collective agreement, temporary contract, etc.). Those who draft their contracts in a legally secure manner or have them checked for legal conformity are in a good position to avoid subsequent problems and surprises.

In addition to the classic topics of asserting wage and salary claims, salary arrears / wage arrears as well as holiday pay and company car agreements, the topics of maternity protection, parental leave and parental allowance are also becoming increasingly important as a lawyer in labour law.

Furthermore, labour law lawyers are now also increasingly dealing with problems during the ongoing employment relationship. Unfortunately, cases of discrimination and bullying in the workplace are on the rise.

Other topics as a lawyer for labour law in Munich

  • Cancellation and settlement agreements, settlement agreement
  • Warnings by the employer
  • Default of payment by employer
  • Transfer of business, sale of business, closure of business
  • Reconciliation of interests / social plan
  • Representation at the integration office for severely disabled employees
  • Drafting and interpretation of collective agreements, participation in collective bargaining
  • Incapacity for work, occupational disability
  • Partial retirement
  • Certificate action

Frequently asked questions on the topic of legal advice in labour law

The strict and comprehensive provisions of labour law protect employees from dismissal through no fault of their own and from falling into financial problems due to job loss. They also ensure that the employment relationship is not made more difficult for the employee through bullying or discrimination.
For employers and entrepreneurs, however, this means utilising the resulting reduced economic flexibility as far as legally permissible so as not to suffer any competitive problems.

It is still mainly about the classic topics of employment contracts, dismissal and wage arrears. However, harassment, discrimination and parental leave are also playing an increasingly important role in labour law today. More flexible working models such as freelancing and temporary work are becoming increasingly important and require appropriate legal support and advice.

In labour law, I represent the interests of both employees and employers. In particular, I also advise managing directors, senior executives and companies in general on all aspects of labour law.

Other legal issues in labour law

As an experienced labour law attorney in Munich, we offer our clients comprehensive legal support and advice in all matters relating to the employment relationship. Our aim is to protect the rights and interests of our clients and to assist them in labour law matters.

Our experienced team of employment lawyers has in-depth expertise in labour law and is familiar with the latest developments and changes in the law. We strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients and to represent them effectively in labour law disputes.

Our services include advice and representation in a wide range of employment law matters, including

  • Cancellations,
  • warnings,
  • employment contracts,
  • working time regulations,
  • wage and salary issues,
  • holiday entitlements,
  • harassment and discrimination in the workplace

and other labour-related legal issues.

We understand that labour law issues can cause considerable stress and uncertainty. That's why we place great importance on building a trusting relationship with our clients and offering them support throughout the process. We take the time to analyse your individual situation, explain your rights and provide you with possible courses of action.

Our approach is always solution-orientated. We endeavour to reach out-of-court agreements and mediation to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. However, if a legal dispute is necessary, we are at your side with our experience and expertise to defend your interests in court.

As an employment lawyer in Munich, I am aware of the importance of confidentiality and discretion. We respect your privacy and treat your matters with the utmost confidentiality.

If you are looking for a competent and dedicated labour law lawyer in Munich, we are here for you. Contact us to arrange a consultation and discuss your labour law issues. We will stand up for your rights and support you in all labour law matters in order to achieve a fair and just solution.

How can I help you as a labour law lawyer in Munich?

Of course, we can also help you with all other problems and legal issues as a lawyer for labour law:
Partial retirement, accident at work, reference letter, termination agreement, company car agreement, franchise / franchising, termination without notice, probationary period, job interview and much more.

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