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Family law is becoming increasingly important. Inheritance law and family law issues are also increasingly being applied to unmarried couples and alternative living arrangements. Nevertheless, divorce and the associated conflicts are still the main focus of family law today.

• "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family". The old saying still holds true and is perhaps even more relevant than ever.
• Family disputes are almost always about children or money. Separation and divorce are particularly prevalent.
• Out-of-court settlements are always preferable in family law, but they require concessions from both parties, which is often difficult during separation phases.

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In my Munich law firm, I represent you in all your interests in family law. After an in-depth initial consultation, I can show you in detail which legal steps make sense in your specific case and how much effort and cost will be involved.

Separations or disputes about joint children or joint assets are a difficult time for everyone, but above all they are always the beginning of a new phase in life.

My philosophy as a lawyer for family law in Munich is to make this new path as easy as possible for you from a legal point of view.

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Even more than in other areas of law, family law often requires haste, because the stressful situation of disputes or even separation and divorce that have already been finalised only have a psychological impact, but unfortunately all too often turn into physical violence. Worries about the financial future and also about their children put a strain on work and private life. An experienced family law lawyer can not only provide legal help here, but also knows of suitable further programmes and agencies that can at least make the situation a little easier.

Family law - interests & equalisation

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Almost all issues in family law involve a strong emotional level. Divorce, separation and rights of access create a strong psychological distance between people who were once very close, which can all too often turn into anger and rage.

It is not easy to correctly represent the interests of one's own client as a lawyer for family law and yet always endeavour to achieve a balance. The art of family law is this successful balance, as this is the only way to effectively avoid or at least mitigate subsequent conflicts.


  • Marriage contract - Drafting and review of marriage contracts
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Representation in judicial divorce proceedings with consequential divorce matters (pension equalisation, equalisation of gains, distribution of household effects)
  • Child custody, rights of access and custody disputes
  • Maintenance, maintenance law and maintenance payments
  • International family law
  • Mediation and conflict resolution in the context of family law
  • Protection against violence in the context of marital disputes

As a lawyer specialising in family law, I will of course also advise you individually and professionally on the following topics:

Initial assets, final assets, protection against violence, community of property, separation of property, gay marriage, cuckoo's child, naming rights, living wills, divorce settlement, divorce agreement, illegitimate child, calculation of maintenance, paternity, paternity action, paternity test, gains and equalisation of gains.

Frequently asked questions about family law

In practice, family law (a sub-area of civil law) primarily includes issues relating to marriage and child custody, as well as care, support or guardianship. The most frequent cases usually centre around custody, maintenance obligations and divorce.

Unfortunately, family law matters are often not covered by legal expenses insurance as standard. Most insurers offer supplementary insurance for this purpose.

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Every case is different - as a lawyer, every case requires its own individual approach in order to do justice to the subject matter and the client.


Legal standards alone do not solve cases - efficient communication between lawyer and client, but also with the opposing party, ensures real results.

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