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  • Almost nothing works in modern business and private life without contracts
  • A contract does not necessarily have to be in writing to be valid
  • Copying ready-made contracts from the Internet for your own purposes can represent a major economic risk
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As an experienced lawyer for contract law in Munich, I can help you resolve contractual disputes in any area of law (tenancy law, civil law, etc.). On the other hand, I can also assist you with contract review, contract maintenance or the drafting of contracts in order to avoid later contractual disputes in advance. Problematic or invalid clauses and parts of contracts are thus recognised at an early stage. It is also my task in contract law to draw your attention to breaches of duty and contractual defects on your part. Contract law with all its facets is difficult for the layman to understand - so it is better to trust a lawyer specialising in contract law with all important contracts from the outset.

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Overview of contract law

Whether you're renting a flat, buying a car or signing up for a new fitness club membership - modern life is unimaginable without contracts. This is especially true in the private sphere. General contract law defines basic regulations in cases where no more specific regulations exist. In principle, freedom of contract prevails in our legal system, meaning that anyone can draw up or enter into any contract. This freedom of contract is only restricted where a contract obviously violates applicable law or morality.

What is important in contract law is, of course, the conclusion of a contract. In modern legal systems, this always takes place through a combination of offer and acceptance. Of course, acceptance must not be made under threat or duress, it must be made in person or by a legitimate representative and the offer is generally binding.

Types of contracts

Lawyer contract law

Almost everything can be regulated by contract nowadays, but of course it is usually the legally prescribed contracts that cause the most work. What all contracts have in common, however, is the recommendation not to draft them without legal assistance, as this is the only way to secure the expected benefits and minimise the anticipated disadvantages and risks. The following is a list of common contracts in which I can advise and assist you as a contract drafting lawyer.

  • Employment contracts, franchising / franchise contracts, author contracts and all other contracts arising from professional relationships and dependencies.
  • Contracts in inheritance law and family law
  • Contracts in connection with copyright and licence law
  • Rental agreements and leases
  • Mobile phone contracts / mobile phone contracts / telephone contracts
  • Contracts in commercial law and company law
  • Service contracts, work contracts and service contracts with members of the liberal professions
  • Purchase agreements, gift agreements, loan agreements, surety agreements or loan agreements
  • ...

Breach of contract in contract law

If two or more parties are bound by contracts, problems usually arise when one of the parties feels disadvantaged by a breach of contract. In practice, such breaches of contract arise in contract law in the following cases, for example:

  • The debtor does not provide the service owed (intentionally or unintentionally) - e.g. the ordered item is not delivered
  • An agreed service is provided but with a delay - e.g. a house is completed 2 months later than agreed
  • The service specified in the contract is not provided in the required quality - e.g. the car purchased does not have the promised equipment
  • The service owed is provided, but other obligations are breached - e.g. oil leaks during a heating oil delivery and contaminates the neighbour's soil

Such contractual disputes very quickly lead to legal disputes because, of course, the parties often have different views on services, quality or delays. Since such cases must always be considered on a case-by-case basis and can affect many other areas of law independently of contract law, there is often no way around an experienced lawyer for contract law. However, an experienced lawyer can not only provide specialist help in contract law, but can also often act as a mediator to save the disputing parties from unnecessary court proceedings and to reach targeted settlements.

Cancellation and withdrawal from contracts in contract law

With a statutory cancellation period of 14 days, consumers in Germany are actually quite well protected. However, problems often lurk in the details, attempts are made to loosen them up or fraud is involved. For example, what is excluded from the right of cancellation? Goods sealed for health protection reasons are not covered by the right of cancellation, for example food, creams or many medical products. Here you must be aware that opening a seal excludes the right of cancellation. Similarly, there is no right of withdrawal for goods that become active immediately, such as cinema tickets, music downloads or access to online services. Finally, there are also a whole host of legal exceptions, most of which assume that cancellation is hardly possible with reasonable effort, for example a delivery of heating oil, but also shares, which can of course quickly change their value.

Legal disputes regarding the right of cancellation are therefore frequent, as the boundaries are not always clearly defined. Caution must be exercised above all with telephone transactions. Care must be taken here to ensure that you really do receive written cancellation instructions promptly.

Examples of common contracts

Typical examples from contract law are for example: purchase contract, car purchase, rental contract, logistics contract, employment contract, loan contract, mobile phone contract, electricity supply / electricity bill,...

International contract law

International contract law very quickly becomes extensive and complicated, so that without specialisation or appropriate partners you will not get any further. Simply ask us whether we can help you with your specific concerns in international contract law.

Working for you - as a lawyer for contract law in Munich

As an experienced law firm specialising in contract law, we offer our clients professional advice and support for all questions and problems relating to contracts. Our aim is to protect the interests of our clients and to represent them in all matters of contract law.

Contract law is a complex area of law that requires in-depth knowledge of the legal framework. Our lawyers specialising in contract law have extensive expertise and many years of experience in this field. We are familiar with the statutory provisions and current case law and offer our clients sound legal advice.

Our contract law services include the drafting, review and negotiation of contracts in various areas such as

  • Commercial contracts,
  • sales contracts,
  • service contracts,
  • tenancy agreements,
  • employment contracts and many more.

We support our clients in contract negotiations to ensure that their interests are adequately taken into account and that they are legally protected.

In addition, we assist our clients with breach of contract, contractual penalties, contract cancellations and other contractual disputes. We analyse the situation thoroughly to determine the best course of action and represent our clients' interests in court if necessary.

We emphasise the importance of working closely with our clients to understand their individual contract law needs and objectives. We take the time to carefully scrutinise contracts and explain the legal implications in an understandable way. Our aim is to minimise risks and help you make informed decisions.

Confidentiality and discretion are a matter of course for us. We respect the privacy of our clients and treat all information with the utmost confidentiality.

If you are looking for a competent and committed lawyer for contract law, we are here for you. Contact us to arrange a consultation and discuss your contract law issues. We will stand up for your interests and help you to be legally secure and protected.

Frequently asked questions on the subject of contract law

Contract law brings together the regulations and legal norms that relate to the content, conclusion or fulfilment of contracts. The topic of breaches of contract also occupies a large part of this area of law.

Practically everyone comes into contact with contracts in everyday life - most frequently with purchase contracts, employment contracts or rental agreements. In principle, almost anything can be regulated by contract, but the content of the contract must not violate any existing laws or regulations.

A contract can also be valid without an explicit signature. Contracts may be concluded verbally, by telephone, electronically or even implied (inferred or resulting from behaviour). It is only mandatory to conclude a contract in writing if this is prescribed by law. However, non-written contracts usually have statutory cancellation periods in order to limit abuse and fraud.

For a contract to be null and void or ineffective, there must be corresponding grounds for nullity or ineffectiveness. In practice, this usually involves immoral content, formal defects or ineffective declarations of intent on the part of the contracting parties. A void contract cannot give rise to any performance obligations between the contracting parties.

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