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  • Inheritance law in Germany is very complex and complicated, especially from a tax perspective. If you are not careful, you can "give away" a lot of money.
  • Entrepreneurs in particular should seek comprehensive legal advice on how family assets can be safely passed on to the next generation.
  • An early, clear and transparent inheritance arrangement gives everyone involved more peace of mind.
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As a lawyer specialising in inheritance law and family law, I will of course also provide you with individual and expert advice on the following topics:

Fractional community, disinheritance, division of estates, appointment of heirs, succession, waiver of inheritance, inheritance tax, certificate of inheritance, substitute inheritance, farm transfer, succession clause, estate settlement, estate administration, usufruct, living will, compulsory portion law, gift tax, will drafting, executor of will, execution of will, market value method, legacy, anticipated business succession, health care proxy and right of residence.

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Inheritance law is becoming increasingly important. Inheritance law refers to the sum of all legal norms that regulate the consequences of a person's death under private law and property law. The lawyers at the Schreiber law firm in Munich / Neuhausen represent your interests in inheritance law and probate matters. In addition to the obvious tasks in inheritance law, this area of law also quickly gives rise to detailed areas - such as sole heirs, waiving inheritance, statutory succession or international inheritance law. The topics of community of heirs and disputes between heirs also almost always require comprehensive legal advice from a lawyer.

  • Drafting wills and inheritance contracts, including succession arrangements
  • Settlement of estates, settlement of communities of heirs
  • Assertion of legacies
  • Asserting claims to the compulsory portion and supplementing the compulsory portion
  • Mandatory portion Berlin will
  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns
  • Detailed questions in inheritance law - sole heir, waiving inheritance, statutory succession, international inheritance law
  • Community of heirs and disputes between heirs
  • Company wills and company succession
  • Real estate law and inheritance law

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Legal standards alone do not solve cases - efficient communication between lawyer and client, but also with the opposing party, ensures real results.

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